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About Us


industrial vacuum filtration equipment

Peterson Filters Corporation designs and manufactures high quality industrial vacuum filtration equipment for the mining and process industries. We also provide a number of innovative custom accessories and equipment that enhance their operation.

Since the Company's founding in 1943, our specialization in industrial vacuum filter technology has resulted in Peterson vacuum filter equipment becoming a standard for providing economical solutions for a wide range of liquid-solid separation problems found in the mining and process industries.

Whether it is the initial selection and application of equipment or the solution to existing operational and maintenance issues, we are an organization of specialists who focus on solving the customer's liquid-solid separation needs:

  • We dedicate our services to the needs of the customer, from the proposal stage to final start-up and provide support throughout the life of the equipment.

  • We concentrate on adding new design, manufacturing and service improvements which will provide the customer with the very best and most cost effective vacuum filter operation.

  • We specialize in rapid and on-time deliveries. Logistic and manufacturing techniques permit our production and delivery of equipment with maximum flexibility built into the delivery schedule.

  • Our application engineering services include filtration laboratory testing and engineering report preparation. Depending on the nature and size of the project, these services are often free of charge.

The first Peterson "Coal Type" vacuum disc filters were installed in the eastern United States in the late 1950's. Since that time, Peterson has installed over 400 vacuum disc filters, and they have become an industry standard in the coal preparation industry.