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Pressure Filters

Peterson is the exclusive manufacturer of the “BOOTH” Pressure Sample Filter. This compact laboratory type unit is designed for analyzing filter cake and filtrate from small batch filter samples and provides superior safety, speed, and convenience.

The barrel is moved vertically and horizontally with one hand by means of a simple lever and cam arrangement. The upper seal is attached to the yoke and is tightly sealed to the barrel by rotating the hand wheel while the lower seal remains stationary. All parts line up automatically.

peterson filters booth pressure sample


3 Gallons

Floor Unit:
19″ Long (30″ w/ Handle) x 26″ Wide x 51″ High
Weight: 300 lb.

Bench Unit:
19″ Long (30″ w/ Handle) x 18″ Wide x 32″ High
Weight: 250 lb.

booth filter scale