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Filter Applications

General Purpose Process Filtration

Peterson Filters’ experience spans a number of products involving liquid-solid separation. From its beginnings in the metallurgical industry, our vacuum filter products have been applied in many processes including those in the chemical and food industries.

Peterson “drum”, “pre-coat drum” and “disc” type filters have been widely applied to solve specific liquid-solid separation problems. Most applications involve the installation of the filter unit and several separate accessories. All of the components are then connected to form an operating filtration system. However, some small scale applications lend themselves to “platform” type equipment where the filter and all necessary ancillary equipment is integrated into a single unit ready to “plug in” at the installation site. Read more about our Platform Filter Units…

industrial vacuum filter products
Filter media plays an important part in the operation of filtration equipment, and our original equipment is always fitted with the best media selection for initial start up of the equipment. Continuing service after start up includes monitoring the functional and economical performance of filter media and changing it, if necessary. This is an ongoing process backed up by testing samples in our filter laboratory to confirm proper filter media selection.

peterson filters continuous vacuum pilot
In addition to providing depth in the analysis phase of a filter application, we can make recommendations regarding equipment upstream and downstream of the filter. Our goal is for our customer to derive maximum benefit from our products and this sometimes involves equipment selection closely related to the filtration step. Our experienced application engineering capability and follow-up service provides our customers with superior vacuum filter products.