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Continuous Vacuum Filters

Disc Filters

industrial disc filters
Peterson builds a complete line of disc filters ranging from laboratory size units of 1′-6″ in diameter up to full size production units 12′-6″ in diameter with 15 discs. Peterson “Coal Type” disc filter designs are used on fine clean coal and coal refuse slurries and have become an industry standard in the United States. We provide a similar line of equipment designed specifically for filtering concentrates and tailing slurries found in metallurgical mining applications.

Drum Filters

Continuous Vacuum Filters Drum Filters
Peterson also has a complete line of drum type filters which can be customized for specific applications in mining, sewage and food processing operations. Depending on the application, special units involving a belt type filter media are also available.

Drum Pre-coat Filters

Our drum pre-coat filters are┬áspecifically designed for mounting “pre-coats”, usually of diatomaceous earth, which are then shaved off in very thin layers during a batch run of pre-filter slurry. This results in a clean filtering surface being presented to the pre-filter feed on each revolution of the drum. These units are generally used in clarifying operations where very clean filtrate is the desired product.