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Pocket Filters

Peterson Filters Corporation has introduced a new “Pocket” size vacuum disc filter for dewatering fines in a variety of process streams. Two of the new machines are being used to dewater silicate minerals and provide up to five percent lower cake moisture than the two centrifuge machines they replaced.

The new filters have a disc diameter of 4′-6″ and a disc area of 25 ft2. There are six discs per machine providing 150 ft2 of filter area. Each machine processes 10 TPH of silicate mineral for a total production of 20 TPH.

The small disc diameter provides an economical dewatering solution for a variety of smaller slurry flows since the filters can be configured with 1 disc for 25 ft2 and up to 20 discs for 500 ft2. The 1 or 2 disc versions are ideally suited for pilot plant operations.

pocket filters

Turning on first filter feed

A number of innovations are used on the new machines. The filter sectors are stainless steel fitted and feature our patented drainage design. They also include a major improvement of the patented Peterson “Turn Flow” disc design, and cake discharge from each disc is facilitated with a new “precision” cake deflector design which, along with Syncro Blow air pulse, assists with complete discharge of very thin filter cakes.

The new filter sectors are specifically designed for synthetic filter media but can also be fitted with a number of different filter media including stainless steel wire cloth.

The machines employ a smaller version of the popular Peterson structural steel design centershaft, along with “all mild steel” automatic filter valves, resulting in a very long service life. It can also be supplied in stainless steel for corrosive applications. Centershaft journal bearing and bridge face employ new long life synthetic bearings that require very little lubrication maintenance.

With a narrow foot print, the new machines are readily adaptable to platform mounting with various vacuum pumps and other accessories and are a perfect fit for portable and temporary operations such as small pond reclamation projects in the coal industry.

All of the improvements developed on these new “Pocket” size machines can be incorporated into the larger Peterson Disc Filters up to and including the 12′-6″ (3.8 M) diameter machines. To discuss a specific application and to obtain more information, contact [email protected].

Filter from Overflow Side

Pocket Filter, 150Ft2