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Filter Applications

Fine Coal Filtration

Peterson “Coal Type” vacuum disc filters are used for dewatering two products from coal preparation operations: fine “clean coal” and “refuse”. The size consist of these products is generally in the range of 28 mesh X 0. Some Peterson Filters are used on “raw coal” applications where the filter slurry contains a large portion of coal fines nearer the 28 mesh size. However, most current day clean coal filter applications are found in “flotation” circuits. In these applications, there is a very large portion of the solids in the feed slurry that are usually in the -325 mesh X 0 range.

fine coal filtration
Flocculation of the fine coal filter feed slurry is often required to obtain acceptable filtration rates together with low cake moisture. Since proper flocculent conditioning of the fine coal slurry and economical flocculent rates are essential, Peterson Filters developed a highly efficient flocculator. Our “IMAX” flocculator is used ahead of our filters to condition a variety of feed slurries and optimize the filtration step.
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“Refuse” slurries are characterized by high ash content and therefore lower filter rates and higher cake moisture. In these applications proper flocculent conditioning of the filter feed slurry is absolutely essential to obtain acceptable filter operation.

fine coal filtration clean coal
The continued success of our products in fine coal applications is attributable to Peterson’s long business experience in this industry and our forward-looking approach to improving the performance of our products.