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Platform Filter Units

platform filter units

We provide either disc or drum type “platform units”. These units feature the filter and all auxiliary equipment mounted on an integral platform. The unit is basically ready to “plug in” and operate.

Peterson Pilot Rotary Disc Vacuum Filter

Peterson Pilot Rotary Disc Vacuum Filter

Brief Specifications:

Filter Area:
2.0 square feet (approx. 0.2 sq. m.)
Adjustable down to 0.2 sq. ft.

66″ Long x 42″ Wide x 83″ High

1000 lb. ( 1,500 lb in reusable shipping crate)

220/240 Volt, 1 phase, 60 Hz, 50 amp hook-up
(4-wire connection: 2-hot, 1-neutral, 1- ground)

10 GPM maximum

Peterson Filters Corporation introduces a new continuous vacuum pilot disc filter design for laboratory and pilot plant experimental and application testing programs.

The unit is totally self-contained and includes all controls and accessories for start up right out of the box. All that is required is the single phase electric power connections and a source of seal water for the wet ring vacuum pump.